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Commercial centres, Museums, Theatres, Cinemas etc. Domestic fire risk has existed since we discovered fire and especially where wood is used in construction.

As residential units, hospitals, commercial centres and other institutions get bigger and taller the risk to people who live in such buildings increase.

Such buildings must be therefore equipped with fast and effective detection and extinguishing systems.

Sessco has been involved in the realisation of such civil complexes with the design and supply, install and manufacture of fire detection and extinguishing systems, hydrants nets, reels, extinguishers, pumping stations etc. The control stations can also manage remote control and admittance surveillance systems.

Inspection & Re-Certification

NFPA 72(10), Sec. defines inspection personnel as, “Individuals who conduct a visual examination of a system or portion thereof to verify that it appears to be in operating condition, in the proper location, and is free of physical damage or conditions that impair operation.”

With the growing risks of fire, it is necessary to ensure that the fire system is always in working conditions. Uncountable lives, important assets, documents, and much more are at a risk and need to be secure. Creating a safe working and living environment for people is the most important goal of the company. We have highly trained, experienced, and certified personnel to conduct the regular inspections and re-certifications for all the firefighting systems.

Our personnel have high knowledge and are trained to know the functioning of the firefighting systems installed and make sure that those systems are following the NFPA standards and the systems are at all times in operating condition, protecting lives and assets important to the business.

Sessco personnel are trained well to inspect the entire firefighting system, make reports, know the key components, know what they are looking for, what equipments require regular maintenance, they are trained on how to stay safe during the testing and inspection causing no harm to themselves and others around them. Re-certification is provided by us for all those systems that are up to the standards.

Call you or book an appointment to know more about the inspection and re-certification. It's always good to be safe than sorry.

Hydro Testing

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) defines a hydrostatic test as “a test of a closed piping system and its attached appurtenances consisting of subjecting the piping to an increased internal pressure for a specified duration to verify system integrity and system leakage rates. [NFPA 24, 2016]”

Hydro testing is the process where the functionality of the firefighting system is tested to ensure that they are in operating condition at the times of need. Hydro testing is done to ensure there are no ruptures, leaks, wear, and tears, or weakness in the system components. Different parts of the systems such as the piping, gas cylinders, boilers, pressure vessels are tested regularly as per the rules laid out by NFPA.

A fire safety inspector from Sessco conducts these tests by pumping water into the and then pressurizing the system up to 1.5 times the design pressure limit of the unit to check for any cracks and leaks in the system. The liquid that is pumped in is sometimes coloured to make it easier to locate the weakness, cracks, or leaks. These tests are conducted with the utmost care and are conducted only by trained and certified fire inspectors to make sure that the system does not fail or crack or leak due to the tests. This testing ensures that the system has no weakness and will not fail during fire breakouts.

Call us today to get hydro-testing done for your fire system and ensure the safety of your personnel and assets.

Breathing Air Systems

Breathing air systems are a must for all firefighters, without which the lives of these fighters are at huge risk. Breathing air systems are compulsory to be installed in a tall building for easy and safer operations. Sessco offers the best quality breathing air system solution based on your needs and building structures.

A breathing air system is a piping that goes along tall buildings structures enabling firefighters to refill their gas cylinders from a remote location. Buildings that are smaller or medium-sized are provided with additional cylinders from the staging area and are transported back and forth during the crisis.

Each of the breathing air systems whether installed at the location or extra cylinders being carried require a proper well-structured design and regular maintenance to operate well.

At Sessco we offer the best of solutions ensuring efficiency, safety, and ease at the time of fire breakouts, be it staging areas, fill stations, or piping systems, we make sure that they are available at a safe enclosure typically just outside fire-rated stairs. Our well-trained and highly experienced personnel make sure that these fill stations are located within the stair’s enclosures after careful consideration.

If you are looking for breathing air systems to be installed, you have come to the right place. Contact us to know more about the breathing air structures that are perfect for your building.


Smoke/fire detectors are prone to losing their sensitivity over time, and the reasons can vary, and hence it becomes very important to get the detectors tested on regular periods. Calibrations are nothing but testing the detection system, the smoke/fire detectors are tested to make sure their sensitivity is working well. The detectors require regular maintenance and testing to be done so that their efficiency is as good as their sensitivity.

Sessco offers calibration services for all kinds of detectors, our trained personnel check the sensitivity of the detector as per the datasheet mentioned by the manufacturer. The benefits of getting calibration done at regular intervals are that the fire detection system is healthy, it responds fast, increasing the safety standards and thus overall increasing the lifespan of the device.

Call us to get the calibration done for your fire detection system today and stay safe.

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