Airports, Trains, Undergrounds, Railways, Tunnels, Ships Ever increasing trade and the great number of sea/air/land delivered products have increased the risk of incidents and in particular the fire risks.

Sessco has been engaged, for many years, in design, supply, installations of systems for harbours, airports and railways.

Such buildings must be therefore equipped with fast and effective detection and extinguishing systems.

The systems generate prompt and reliable responses thanks to the detection systems and extinguishing systems (like spray water, water mist, deluge water/foam).


The demand for energy production is ever increasing all over the world. The risk of interrupting the electrical power supply is a threat to the population and economy of every country. It is important therefore to prevent and/or extinguish in a shortest time any kind of fires.

Modern, fast and reliable warning/extinguishing systems are required.

Sessco supply and install such systems for the protection of turbine enclosures, turbo-gas, transformers and complete power solutions.

The commonly used systems are the following:

Detection and extinguishing systems by fog-water (water mist), foam/water deluge systems, CO2, FM 200, Argon, foam, powder, twin agent and by means of portable or wheeled equipment (extinguishers and monitors).


The protection of such important facilities is ensured by means of ground vehicles and sea fire tugs.

Remote controlled monitors on pole are used for the protection of areas near to ships, tankers and gas carriers. Sessco supply and install a complete range of such systems which can supply water, foam & powder with a capacity of from 2000 to 10000 lpm (water or foam) from 15 to 60 Kg/sec (powder)

The monitor can be controlled and driven by means of:

  • Electrical systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electro-hydraulic systems
  • Remote controlled systems

Sessco also supply and install high capacity monitors (Long Range Monitor) to be fitted on fixed and wheeled systems, for FF1 and FF2 MARINE use with capacity up to 30000 lpm (to be assebled on fire tugs).


The continuous exponential growth of the oil industry and the increase in the diversity of its flammable products, constantly present new challenges. Sessco suppy and install many detection and extinguishing systems for: Oil refineries, Oil terminals, Tank farms and LNG plants.

Sessco has supplied mobile means (wheeled extinguishers with capacity till to 500Kg), remote controlled monitors, motor pumps, lighting units, high or low expansion mobile foam units, twin agent units.

Sessco designs and install fixed foam extinguishing plants (low and medium expansion) for the protection of process, diked, pumping areas, API separators with self-oscillating monitors and medium expansion foam generators. Remote controlled monitors systems, powder systems, twin agent systems, gas systems (CO2 - FM200-), foam pourers supply or injection systems (S-FSSS/E) for the protection of storage tanks.


As the rate of production of raw materials, consumer goods, medical products etc. increases, ergonomic factor can increase risks. These may be stressed on personnel resulting from production schedules, shift work and pressure on maintenance programmes. It is necessary therefore to pay attention to these problems and to the risks that may cause devasting fires.

Sessco realised the protection of:

  • Paper factories
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Foodstuff factories
  • Plastic and rubber industry and production factories (appliances, vehicles etc.)


The risks which the ships and the off-shore platforms are exposed to are higher than the on-shore facilities because they are not easily reachable by the rescue team. For this reason marine systems require high reliability in case of fire. Equipment may be subjected to intense vibrations during navigation. Sessco design and install systems that ensure safe functioning in the worst conditions.

Among the systems supplied by Sessco: Deluge systems (water & foam), High expansion foam systems, Remote controlled and standard monitors systems, Self-oscillating monitors systems (for Helideck), Sprinkler systems, Water mist systems (high and medium pressure), Powder systems, CO2 systems (high and low pressure), Water foam proportioning systems, FF1 and FF2 monitors for fire tugs.

Such systems are used on board of: Ro-Ro, Trade vessels, Oil tankers, Gas carriers (LNG & LPG), Ferryboats, Passenger ship, Offshore platforms, Cruiser and aircraft carrier and Fire tugs.

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